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Roxy Olin Thinks Freddie Fackelmayer ‘Has Been in a Booth’

Roxy Olin told us last night at QVC’s Isaac Mizrahi Live! celebration at Stage 37 that she will star on another season of The City. Though Kelly Cutrone’s best advice to her has been to “think before you talk,” she didn’t hold back when we begged to know why Whitney is attracted to someone as tan, shiny, and seemingly douchey as Freddie Fackelmeyer. The answers may not surprise you.

What is Freddie Fackelmeyer like in real life?
I’m not a huge fan. He’s like a socialite. I can’t really read him. Like, he’s a nice guy. But I don’t trust him. I mean, I think it’s one of those things that once you find out that someone’s been shady, you can’t really look at them any other way.

Why is he so shiny and tan?
You know what, that’s such a good question. I don’t know. That’s what I asked him when I first met him. Like, “Have you been in a booth for a while?” I don’t know. I think he’s been in a booth.

Does he have tan lines?
He has his tan pretty down. Like he’s pretty clean. But it’s a little orange-ish.

What did he say when you asked him about his tan?
I think he was used to girls being like “Oh, you’re so cute,” and I was like “Dammmn, you got really tan. Were you just in a booth or something?” And he was like, “No!”

Why do you think Whitney goes after those kinds of guys?
I think her being new in New York — he definitely has the scene going on. Like, he knows the cool, New York socialite scene. So I think being new here, she got wrapped up in it.

But you didn’t get wrapped up in it, and you’re new here.
No. I mean, I think it was different because I’m definitely more verbal about it. I think Whitney started to get a weird feeling about him, but she’s so sweet, and loves to look at only the good. And she was missing out — to me — on an obvious negative.

Are you going to do another season?
Yes! It’s almost 100 percent. Once we start filming, I’ll be able to say 100 percent, you know? But as of right now, it’s 100 percent.

When will they start filming for next season?
A couple weeks. It’s crazy. But it’s good. I’m bored. I want to get started again.

Do you really have a tattoo on your crotch?
I have a tattoo on my hip bone, but I was joking and they didn’t show the humor in it at all in the editing room. But I’m glad you asked. It’s not on, it’s like right above. But I do. It’s angel wings.

Were you upset with the way that part was edited?
I felt really bad for my grandparents. They liked last night’s episode a lot. But afterward, I was like, “I’m so sorry about the crotch comment.” But they didn’t write me back yet.

What do you want to do with your life?
Can I think big here? I would die to be in a Quentin Tarantino film one day. That would be my lifelong dream. But I would also love to direct. I also want to work for someone in the jewelry industry. I love jewelry and I’m curious about that. And maybe one day do something with a restaurant — own a restaurant or something. I have a lot of things going on.

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Roxy Olin Thinks Freddie Fackelmayer ‘Has Been in a Booth’