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Ungaro Is Keeping Lindsay Lohan, and Terry Richardson Shot Her for Purple

After weeks of rumors about Lindsay Lohan either not getting paid or getting fired from the house of Emanuel Ungaro, where she was installed as artistic director earlier this year, the label’s chief executive says he’s keeping her. “Yes (she’s staying on), she has a job to do,” Mounir Moufarrige told Reuters at the Milan Fashion Global Fashion Summit.

Moufarrige acknowledged that maybe the glitter heart-shaped nipple pasties weren’t the best choice for a Paris Fashion Week high-fashion runway.

“The criticism was harsh. I am sure we can do better in the collection to be honest but I think it was harsh … But it did sell well,” Moufarrige said.

He added that future Ungaro collections needed to be “more tight, more identity driven.”

Though Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus dropped Ungaro for the spring season, Moufarrige doesn’t blame this on Lindsay.

“There is more buzz definitely but we are in a recession,” he said.

He adds that Bloomingdale’s, Harvey Nichols, and Japanese stores have “shown interest,” according to Reuters. But what exactly has Lohan been doing for Ungaro since the show? Yesterday, she mentioned the label in her Twitter feed: “Purple Magazine shoot with Terry Richardson and Olivier [Zham, Purple editor]! Ungaro and ali lohan !!!!” Oh God. Sounds terrifyingly uncomfortable, but presumably this kind of thing is in her job description? We cannot wait for that issue.

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Ungaro Is Keeping Lindsay Lohan, and Terry Richardson Shot Her for Purple