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Breaking: Ungaro CEO Resigns, Lindsay Lohan Stays On

Emanuel Ungaro CEO Mounir Moufarrige has resigned, WWD reports. Though rumors have been circulating for some time about turmoil in the house at the executive level as a result of hiring Lindsay Lohan as artistic adviser, essentially turning the once-revered label into a laughingstock, Ungaro says Moufarrige is stepping down for other reasons.

In a brief statement, Ungaro said Moufarrige would continue to advise the company as a member of its strategic committee, but that he was “withdrawing” from an operational role to devote more time to his other businesses, which include U-Boat and Welder, two fast-growing Italian watch companies.

Lindsay Lohan is still employed at the house, but won’t be left to run it all by her lonesome (she’s got to get those Purple shoots done, too!). Marie Founrier, an eighteen-year veteran of Ungaro, will oversee all operations — and presumably chaperone Lindsay — as general manager. But with Moufarrige gone, one wonders how long Lindsay will last. The fall 2010 season is approaching at a terrifying rate (the men’s shows start next month!), and Moufarrige was the only person who seemed to have confidence in her and her heart-shaped nipple pastie ways. We even heard rumors that after hiring her, he put in frantic calls to editors for advice, seemingly doubting his decision. Is he jumping ship before things get worse? And what could possibly be in store for fall? Plastic pants and rainbow face stickers? Let’s hope not.

Ungaro CEO Resigns, Lohan Stays On [WWD]

Breaking: Ungaro CEO Resigns, Lindsay Lohan Stays On