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Chanel Has Secret Club of ‘Friends’ to Advise on Design

Increasingly desperate to sell things in the recession, luxury labels are trying to give consumers exactly what they want through a groundbreaking, technologically advanced method known as asking them. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana did this before their spring 2010 shows by soliciting comments on a series of YouTube videos. They’d ask questions like “Do you prefer black or white?” or “High or low heels?” and wait for comments to pour in. Prada is utilizing the Asking Method in its new made-to-measure store in Italy, where you can customize jeans, quilted jackets, T-shirts, and accessories. “This is what wealthy people want these days because it’s viewed as a way to distinguish themselves,” Prada told WWD. You know, “Look how rich I am! I told Prada to make my pants with a brass button and zipper fly!”

While Prada caters to the rich, Chanel caters to the rich and special who are part of a once-secret club called “friends of Chanel.”

While at the Paris shows, hip New York DJ Leigh Lezark disclosed she was recently tapped by Chanel to [road-test products] as part of a “friends of Chanel” posse, which included Caroline Sieber and Poppy Delevigne. “I test out product before it hits stores, and give my opinion and what I love about it,” said Lezark.

It’s unclear what it takes to join the “friends of Chanel” club, but judging by the known roster listed above, members must be skinny, wealthy party hoppers with vague and mysterious job descriptions, who generally dress blandly enough for people not to remember who they are, but make an occasional misstep (see photo) to remind us from time to time.

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Chanel Has Secret Club of ‘Friends’ to Advise on Design