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Taylor Swift Straightened Her Hair; Chewing Gum Can Make You Look Older

• Taylor Swift was spotted walking around the city with straight hair and shaggy bangs last night. Do you think she looks better with curls? [StyleWatch/People]

• Garnier’s new home hair-color hybrid hits store shelves next month. The dye combines permanent color and demi permanent color (the rinse-out products that enhance your existing color, but don’t lighten it) to create a product that lifts hair up one level in color and covers 70 percent of grays. It doesn’t contain any ammonia, so it has a pleasant fruity scent. [Stylelist]

• Mintel Beauty Innovation released its predictions for 2010’s global beauty trends. We’ll see makeup and skincare products that can improve our moods; more organic, sustainable, and locally sourced products; treatments that go beyond blocking UV rays in protecting our skin; and more over-the-counter products promising to deliver plastic surgery-like results. Oh, and glass and concrete packaging. [Earth Times via BellaSugar]

• Bright red lips were all over the place at the British Fashion Awards last night. Have you rocked the look recently? []

• The jury’s still out on a definite answer, but some studies show that chewing gum can make you look older. Would you give up gum to slow the appearance of aging? [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Perfume brands are increasingly touting the scents’ creators as a way to promote the fragrances. While having celebrities shill a product puts the emphasis on the person, introducing customers to the creator returns the emphasis to the scent itself. [NYT]

• Elizabeth Taylor launched White Diamonds in 1991 because she “wanted every woman to be able to experience the joy and thrills that diamonds and extraordinary gems bring to [her].” [Stylelist]

Taylor Swift Straightened Her Hair; Chewing Gum Can Make You Look Older