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Dior Homme to Make Ladies’ Pants

Dior Homme will enter the womenswear market next year for the first time when its first line of ladies’ things launches. Now you may be thinking, Wouldn’t Dior Homme for femmes just cancel out to plain Dior? But you would be wrong, because nothing in fashion is ever that simple, and it doesn’t cancel out to plain women’s Dior. Rather, it capitalizes on the trend that has been around for ages but the New York Times “Style” section just caught on to two week ago: unisex apparel. Menswear for women is all the rage! Why shop your closet when you can shop your boyfriend’s?! And maybe he can shop yours, too! That sort of thing.

The line is called Petite Taille — which translates to “Small Size” — and consists simply of ultraskinny jeans. The premium Japanese denim, modeled after the label’s men’s collection, “has been adapted for the female figure with a touch of spandex for added flexibility,” according to WWD. So just in case the ultraskinny woman who buys them has some semblance of a figure, she won’t suffer any embarrassing flesh puckering.

Prices range from 270 euros, or $407, to 785 euros, or $1,185, for the fanciest pants. Those prices are ridiculous for jeans, but we support this movement. Every label that makes clothes other than womenswear — menswear, swimwear, dogwear, whatever — that wants to make women’s pants should. Think back on the spring collections. Pants were probably the most ignored garment among womenswear designers. Someone has to make them.

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Dior Homme to Make Ladies’ Pants