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French Students Protest Dress Codes by Going to School in Skanky Skirts

High-school kids in France are fighting for their right to wear revealing clothing to school. Apparently some schools have new dress codes that ban things like short skirts, piercings, and low-slung pants. At one school last week, a chick managed to convince 300 of 2,100 students to come to school dressed in violation of the new code. This meant revealing shorts or minis for girls and board shorts for guys. Their new headmaster was trying to ban skirts above the knee and clothes with holes in them. The protest organizer got in trouble, obviously.

Her actions led to a three-day suspension, justified by a concern that students “could come across paedophiles on the way to school”.

Protesters said the demonstration wasn’t a fight to dress like a skank, but a fight for freedom.


“We’re at school, we don’t want to feel like we are in a prison,” one student said.

Well, young one, school is like prison, just with lower stakes. You get in trouble if you leave, they make you do things you don’t want to do, and you have to sit in small rooms for extended periods of time feeling bored. However, one school is more prisonlike than others:

At Lycée Saint-Jean-Hulst in Versailles, girls who turn up in short garments are given plain overalls to wear to discourage them from trying it again.

But this is the beauty of French kids: They don’t take authority lying down, they cast their cheeky cutoffs and attitudes to the wind.

Meanwhile, students at Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire are not stopping at protests against clothing regulations. When it was rumoured that the head would ban all contact between couples on the school grounds, they threatened to stage a “day of kissing”.

Naturally, their parents are fine with naked pictures of the first lady that are regularly sold at auction.

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French Students Protest Dress Codes by Going to School in Skanky Skirts