If You Thought Vineyard Vines Was Special, Check Out Tucker Blair

Labels constantly try to get us to feature their products in Shop-A-Matic. But sometimes a brand so special comes along, we have to do a little something extra. And so we would like to introduce you to Tucker Blair, which has been pushing their Frosty Needlepoint Belt on us. We did a little research to find out more about what appeared to be this prestigious, august label, and it turns out, its beginnings were impossibly humble:

Have you ever sat down at your desk in some anonymous, beige office building, sifting through Excel spreadsheets and realizing that you’d give just about anything to be on the Cape with a beer and a pair of Croakies? Yeah, so have I. Not long after graduating from Colgate, corporate America got real old, real quick. So I set out in 2007 to create a line of needlepoint products that would be second to none in quality, while not breaking the bank. My friends and I always loved wearing fun whimsical needlepoint belts, but the cost was always prohibitive, and I knew that paying retail just meant we were putting more money in a store’s coffers.

And so he went to Asia, sourced his yarn and leather, and, in a dream that really did come true, Tucker Blair was born. Lest you write this off as a hometown label unknown to those who don’t summer on the Cape and don’t own Croakies (perish the thought), one of their headbands was featured on Gossip Girl. You can buy it on sale for $25 (marked down from $40!). But if you want the lobster belt, which we actually find more becoming, you’re out of luck, because that product is sold out. If we were Vineyard Vines, we would be freaking out right about now.

Tucker Blair [Official site]

If You Thought Vineyard Vines Was Special, Check Out Tucker Blair