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Italy to Ban Breast Implants for Minors; American Apparel Regulates Employees’ Eyebrows

• The Italian government plans to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for girls under age 18 to get breast-enhancement surgery. Officials decided to create the law after an increase in the number of cases involving accidents during operations. Should the U.S. follow suit? [Telegraph UK]

• Salma Hayek swapped her long locks for a sleek and shiny new bob. What do you think of her new style? [StyleList]

• American Apparel CEO Dov Charney sent out an e-mail to all employees informing them of how they must groom their eyebrows, suggesting Brooke Shields’s brows as a template to follow. So lamé leggings are okay, but overly tweezed brows aren’t? [Jezebel]

• Not only is the protagonist of the new Disney movie the first black Disney princess, she’s also the first one to have curly hair. [Time]

• The cast of Jersey Shore shared their beauty and hair secrets with People (because everyone’s just dying to emulate them). While Nicole, a.k.a. Snooki, admits to wearing full makeup to the gym, the best token of wisdom comes from D.J. Pauly D, on hair: “It takes me twenty-five minutes to get it right. Greatness takes time, and this hair right here is greatness.” Our brain hurts. [StyleWatch/People]

• While hand sanitizer is great for preventing swine flu, it turns out it’s not so great for your nails. Waterless sanitizers are the biggest cause of increased brittleness in nails, as the alcohol in the products dries them out. But be careful when using moisturizer to combat the problem — fragranced hand lotions can cause the same problem. [Beauty Brains]

• Here is a roundup of all the green nail polishes inspired by Chanel Jade (which apparently chips quite easily). And unlike Jade, the alternatives are easy to find. [FabSugar UK]

Italy to Ban Breast Implants for Minors; American Apparel Regulates Employees’ Eyebrows