Jersey Shore’s Snooki Looks Lovely Without Makeup

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi without makeup.

The Jersey Shore crew have so much to offer us in the world of beauty. First it was Pauly D and his magical 25-minute process of creating a gel-infused blowout. And now Seaside Heights princess Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi opened up about her makeup secrets to In Touch Weekly. The magazine stripped the 22-year-old of all her makeup for an exclusive shoot, and underneath all the bronzer, eyeliner, and poufs, she actually looks quite lovely.

But — and there’s always a but — the too-tanned, overhairsprayed, over-the-top look is part of her personality, and there’s something missing from Snooki when it’s not there. She admits that if it weren’t for the show, she’d want to be a makeup artist. She also says that her favorite products are by Avon, partly because her mom sells them and partly because they don’t “drip down her face” when she’s bumping and grinding at clubs like Headliners and Karma.

This brings up an interesting point about what it means to wear makeup. For some people, it’s an extension of their individuality. In college, we were friends with our own little Snooki. She grew up in Seaside Heights — seriously — and in the four years we knew her, we never saw her take off her mascara once. Instead, she piled on fresh clumps daily and separated the lashes one by one, a process that took over an hour, and that’s not counting the rest of the makeup she layered on, which included three different bronzers and two eyeliners. We never thought anyone could top that. But Snooki can! It takes her three hours to get ready. You probably know people like this, too. What crosses the line as too much? And is it okay because it makes them feel good?

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Jersey Shore’s Snooki Looks Lovely Without Makeup