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Lady Gaga to Appear on Launch My Line

Gaga greeting her fans in November.

Have you watched Launch My Line on Bravo yet? No? Neither have we. But we will on January 6, if we can remember, when Lady Gaga makes a cameo. She “surprises the designers” and the teams are supposed to create outfits inspired by her. They must “make sure they are pushing the boundaries of fashion without crossing the line of good taste.” Why Gaga would make a reality debut on this show that no one seems into is puzzling, but she probably shot it a while ago, before she was famous enough to meet the queen in an absurd red-latex outfit. But none of the rest of it makes sense.

If any diva belongs on Launch My Line, it’s Britney Spears, who somehow feels more suited to Bravo cheesiness. Besides, hosts Dean and Dan Caten dressed her for the Circus tour. If Gaga belongs on any Bravo show, it’s NYC Prep, in which someone would pay ridiculous sums of money to have her show up to a Sweet Sixteen and sing for three minutes while P.C. laments how lame she is but then dances more wildly than anyone else to her set.

But most importantly, is it not the genius of Gaga that she so often crosses “the line of good taste”? When it comes to her clothes, is there even a line? We wouldn’t have started falling in and out of love with her so quickly if she didn’t run around outside with no pants all through last winter. And what about her fire-sparkler boobs? Tasteful? Of course not. But genius? Most definitely.

Lady Gaga to Appear on Launch My Line