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Lady Gaga Declines to Wear Crazy-Gear, Sunglasses for Her Interview with Barbara Walters

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga was snapped wearing a translucent piece of plastic one can hardly call a dress with fishnets and a furry antler hat in London, where, judging by the current weather, it was probably in the 40s. She then performed inside on X Factor wearing a jacket — more precisely, a Gareth Pugh piece that was basically a more exaggerated version of what Beyoncé wore in her “Diva” video. However, Gaga cast her odd fashion habits aside for her serious sit-down with Barbara Walters, who has named her one of the ten most fascinating people of the year. For that, she wore a serious black Chanel suit and left her only slightly less serious hair elephants, Kermit hats, and face masks with no air holes at home.

She tells Babs in the interview airing Wednesday:

“I love avant-garde style. Today my style muse was my mother … she had one Chanel suit in the closet when we were growing up, and everything else was knockoffs … But I’m part designer lover, part fashionista and part handmade garments on my own. I made a lot of my clothes … The hair bow is cheap to make. You can make it yourself.”

This brings up a multitude of thoughts. First, just because one can doesn’t mean one should. Second, perhaps Mother Gaga was the influence behind Lady Gaga’s shameless Hussein Chalayan bubble-dress knockoff. And third, we have to wonder how Karl Lagerfeld is going to handle Gaga’s Chanel plug. He has a habit of making muses of lady pop stars, from Amy Winehouse, who inspired an entire runway show, to Lily Allen, who is now the face of some Chanel purses and performed at his spring 2010 barnyard spectacular. As London Times writer Lynn Barber noted in its Sunday magazine profile of Gaga, “I can see that — yes — with her long face and big schnozz there is a distinct resemblance” between WiHo and Gaga (Gaga explained she dyes her hair blond so people don’t confuse them). So, Karl? At least send the girl some jackets so we don’t have to watch her freeze and snivel her way through photo ops all winter.

Another sartorial highlight from the Babs special:

Removing her omnipresent dark glasses, she tells Barbara: “They’re a part of me. That’s the psychotic part of me. I don’t take them off for many interviews, but I’ll take them off for you because I love you.”

And now Barbara Walters can say she knows the true meaning of privilege.

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Lady Gaga Declines to Wear Crazy-Gear, Sunglasses for Her Interview with Barbara Walters