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Lindsay Lohan to Expand 6126 Into a Full Line

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. You never give up, do you? On the one hand, we have to admire your perseverance. Even after your Ungaro collection was universally panned and the head of the company resigned soon thereafter, you still want to design. But not just for Ungaro — oh, no. That’s just not enough, Lindsay. You are going to branch 6126 into a full-fledged line. The stripper-tastic leggings are now going to be available for the entire body. Rejoice! Lindsay broke the news via Twitter, of course.

i need MORE followers i am so sad about this, how can i tell everyone about my 6126 full collection COMING OUT! all clothing

We wonder who the money people are behind this. Granted, the leggings were flying off the shelves last year despite the hefty price tags. (The most popular style — the Mr. President — clocked in at $132, no doubt because of the padding at the knees. You stay classy there, Linds.) There are no reports of who will carry the new clothing line, but if the recent stripper-pole ads are any indication, we sure know who’ll be wearing them.


Lindsay Lohan to Expand 6126 Into a Full Line