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London Store Hired Models to Help Men Pick Out Lingerie

Debenhams in London hired models of various shapes to help men pick out lingerie for their ladies this year. “The idea was a huge success, with our male shoppers commenting on what a great idea the event was at this time of year,” a Debenhams spokeswoman said. Well, of course. Women would be thrilled, too, if there were models in the boxer-brief section helping them pick out manties. But shopping isn’t equal: Men get more free booze and more attractive people to look at. Fail, retailers. FAIL.

A Debenhams salesperson said:

“Sometimes they just point at someone on the shop floor and whisper that their wife is ‘about that size,’ or they just make a shape with their hands.”

Apparently, two-thirds of men don’t know their partner’s bra or panty size. Oh oh, we have an idea! Look at her underwear tags. No excuse, men.

But we think men are shopping in the wrong department for their ladies. Lingerie is a blatantly self-serving gift, and what woman trusts her boyfriend’s taste in this department? He can’t clear it with her friends because that would be too awkward. Instead, stores should hire People With Taste to patrol the shoe department and help men pick out fancy shoes for their girlfriends and wives. A great pair of heels is less obvious, can be less awkwardly cleared with the friends, and will result in more sex.


London Store Hired Models to Help Men Pick Out Lingerie