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Loree Rodkin’s Gothic Fragrance Line Is Missing the Gothic

Jewelry designer Loree Rodkin has built her empire on the corner of Goth Street and Glam Boulevard: medieval crosses, bejeweled skulls, delicate tracery earrings (Michelle Obama wore a pair on inauguration night). So it might be expected that when she launched a scent line, it would be in that same vein, evoking the inside of a church, or Comme des Garçon’s genius “Incense” fragrances, or the wind blowing across the moors. Not so much. The line, which includes perfumes, room sprays, candles, and soaps ($54 to $120), is more Beverly Hills Republican than Transylvania Romantic (although the only place you can buy it right now is the upscale erotica shop Coco de Mer on Melrose Avenue, but it’s making its way east.) We took deep whiffs of the six (rather similar) fragrances — named, in George Foreman style, “Gothic I,” “Gothic II,” “Gothic III,” and so on to “Gothic VI.” Here, a breakdown of what we expected and what the Goth family turned out to be.

How They Look
What We Expected: A black lacquer box emblazoned with skulls and crossbones. Of course.
What We Got: A good-looking but slightly conservative mock-crocodile box, with little suede pouches containing the miniature roll-ons.

How They Smell
What We Expected: Something intriguing, but not so complicated it defies everyday wear. Bergamot, with some citrus to keep it light, and florals for femininity’s sake.
What We Got: With the exception of Gothic I (a soft, approachable, vanilla-y blend), the Gothics are an intense group, woozy with patchouli, and incense, and reminiscent of mom’s Opium days.

Where You’d Wear It
What We Expected: A club, lounge, or any place where the dress code requires black, leather, and tons of studs.
What We Got: Dinner with your boyfriend’s parents.

Who It Makes Us Think Of
What We Expected: Angelina in thigh-high Louboutins
What We Got: Barbara Walters in knee-length tweed

Loree Rodkin Fragrances [Official site]

Loree Rodkin’s Gothic Fragrance Line Is Missing the Gothic