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Marchesa Keeps Four Dogs in the Office Who Sometimes Behave Badly

Keren Craig.

Many guests brought their pups to last night’s dog-themed holiday party at the Neue Galerie. Shipley & Halmos designer Sam Shipley mulled ideas for his own dog clothes, which he would like to sell at Zoomies in the West Village. “The woman who owns it used to be a designer, and she designs all her own gear. Jeff [Halmos] and I were thinking that it might be fun to collaborate with her on a dog rain jacket or something,” he said cradling his Boston terrier, Pilot. “It’s kind of hard to find a real waterproof jacket for a dog. Like, one that’s functional. And he’s got no body fat and very little fur, and he freezes.” No body fat — fashionable indeed!

Keren Craig, who helms Marchesa with Georgina Chapman, had to leave her Ibizan hound, Alabama, at home because she was heading straight to her husband’s Christmas party afterward. “Georgina wanted me to bring her three dogs — we have four dogs in the office — but I’m glad I didn’t do that. I would have been the crazy person with four dogs.” All four pooches apparently go to the Marchesa office every day, which Craig described as “chaotic.”

“There’s a real calming reaction to having a dog. You just put him on your knee and it makes you feel better,” she added. Has she ever had an embarrassing moment scooping poop? “Yes. I can’t say the name of the designer store, but I went into a very nice store one weekend, and she started to go to the loo. It was one of the more embarrassing things that’s ever happened to me.”

Marchesa Keeps Four Dogs in the Office Who Sometimes Behave Badly