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Michelle Obama Chooses Shiny Chartreuse for the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

“Wait, not yet! You have a stain.” Adorable.

Last night, Michelle Obama appeared as the most fascinating person of 2009 in Barbara Walters’s special. The floral dress she wore for the interview was by Rachel Roy. Last night she also traveled to Oslo with Barack, so he could formally collect his Nobel Peace Prize. Every time she travels, she wears twelve times as many outfits as she does in her home city — there’s getting on the plane, getting off the plane, the daytime event, the nighttime event, and possibly some gardening in between. So to recap the major breaking outfits between last night and now, you can view the Michelle Obama Look Book:

• To board Air Force One, she wore a simple black jacket, black pants, and a cozy, eye-popping red scarf.
• To deplane, she wore a lavender coat with a pastel purple scarf tied in a bow. (Scarves must be her new brooches when she has to be photographed outdoors in the colder months.)
• When she wrote in the guest book of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, she wore a very flattering draped gray dress.
• She changed into a shiny chartreuse velvet dress with a matching coat, both by Calvin Klein, and paler chartreuse cardigan by Nina Ricci for the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony.

The last look is like a darker, shinier version of her lemongrass Isabel Toledo Inauguration ensemble. Not many women can pull off chartreuse, and it’s a curious color to select for an event with so many photo ops. Remember Nicole Kidman at the ’97 Oscars in chartreuse Dior? And how befuddled America was? People always second-guess it. “Is that gold? Green? Oh, right — chartreuse.” Of all the colors to shop from in Ikram, she is drawn to this green-yellow-mustard-y stuff. The cameras probably can’t do it justice.

Michelle Obama Chooses Shiny Chartreuse for the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony