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Prince William Is Balding; the Ideal Attractive Face Is ‘Average’

• A study completed by American and Canadian researchers found that the new ideal ratio for a perfect attractive face is 36/46, which in layman’s terms “corresponds to those of an average face.” AVERAGE. [Independent UK]

• Prince William’s hair is seriously thinning at the age of 27. Remember when you had a really big crush on him? Yeah, not anymore. [Daily Mail UK]

Glamour believes all it takes to look like Blake Lively is a set of hot rollers. It takes more than that. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• A Milwaukee teacher cut off her 7-year-old student’s braid after the little girl refused to stop playing with her hair. [Spoiled Pretty]

• The Curls brand, an organic hair-care collection, collaborated with Target to launch five new mass-market items ranging from $7.99 to $11.99. The new formulas will hit shelves in March. [WWD]

Jessica Stam’s beauty icon is Michelle Pfeiffer. “I think she’s stunning,” the model says. “And she looks good with absolutely no makeup on, which is the sign of true beauty.” []

• Sally Hansen will launch its biggest collection to date in 2010, and it will include a new kind of nail lacquer with “self-renewing shine.” [WWD]

Prince William Is Balding; the Ideal Attractive Face Is ‘Average’