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Scientists Invent Anti-Sunburn Pill; Mary J. Blige Is Copying Rihanna

• Scientists have created an anti-sunburn drug, designed for people with a high sensitivity to sunlight. The drug helps prevent cancer and strong sun reactions by mimicking the body’s natural defenses against UV rays while also making the user tan. Doctors warn that the drug is strong and “not for cosmetic purposes.” [Telegraph UK]

• A new pill that supposedly reverses the signs of aging may also come out soon. The product, developed by L’Oreal and Nestle, uses lycopene, the compound found in tomatoes, to protect old skin cells and promote the growth of new ones. [Daily Mail UK]

• Who needs to spend money on expensive skin creams this holiday season when leftover sweet potatoes and beer supposedly make a great face mask? [BellaSugar]

• Sherri Shepherd wore a faux-mullet on The View this morning. She claimed it was supposed to go with her “Lakers look” (she was wearing a jersey). What? [Jezebel]

• Mary J. Blige has been taking hair cues from Rihanna with a high, blonde style. Do you like how it looks on her? [Beauty Counter/]

• The old Limelight nightclub is reopening as a marketplace in March and will include a J. Sisters salon, credited with first bringing the Brazilian bikini wax to New York City. Other beauty destinations in the marketplace will include organic skincare brand Soapology, Caswell Massey apothecary, and Japanese gold-infused skincare brand Cosme Proud. So, you can get a wax, and then rub gold lotion on yourself. [StyleList]

• A preview of Beyoncé’s commercial for her new fragrance, Heat, is out. If you can fathom it, she writhes with a bunch of oil on her breasts and barely any clothing. [Just Jared]

• Race-car driver Danica Patrick will launch a new fragrance in March called Danica Patrick for Her. The scent will retail for $29.50 to $54.50 and will be promoted at NASCAR and the Indy Racing League. No word yet on what it will smell like, but anything has to be better than Sarah Jessica Parker’s new B.O. perfume. [WWD]

Scientists Invent Anti-Sunburn Pill; Mary J. Blige Is Copying Rihanna