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The Mystery of the Uggs Line

Why, people? WHY?

While The Cut was on vacation last week, we left the isle of Manhattan for parts out West, where Hummers and ATVs roam. We also saw the curious concept of Uggs in full effect. They’re worn everywhere: shopping, out to dinner, you name it. “Well,” we gloated, “we don’t do that in New York.” Oh, how wrong we were. The Soho store (yes, there is one) has had a line snaking down the block all month according to the Shophound. And he wondered: Why? But we want to know, who’s waiting in line for Uggs?

Our distaste for the shoes aside (okay, maybe not really aside — they’re not pretty shoes, people), we must know: What about them compels anyone to stand in line in the freezing cold? Are they on sale for 85 percent off? Somebody please explain this to us because we really can’t wrap our heads around it. We’re all for being warm, toasty, and comfortable, but you can do that without wearing Uggs. And we’re not alone in this: Our Facebook page was filled with friends wondering what the deal was with the sweats tucked into Uggs paired with full makeup. (That’s a look, apparently.) But if you really must wear them, would you really wait in line in the cold to buy them? Someone, please enlighten us.

The Mysterious UGG Line [Shophound]

The Mystery of the Uggs Line