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The Sartorialist Might Get His Own TV Show, But He Doesn’t Want to Star in It

Scott Schuman is not a spotlight-hungry blogger. Au contraire, his work may have helped start the personal-style craze with his street-style blog The Sartorialist, but he has always fixated on the style of others, rather than himself. One might argue that his blog is successful because it distills style according to his personal tastes, and therefore is all about him. Quandary: Should I dress like I’m homeless today? Solution: The Sartorialist is into it! Quandary: Should I iron my jeans? The Sartorialist enjoys a crisp crease in a denim pant leg. Schumann doesn’t see it this way. And that is why, as he negotiates for his own TV show and clothing line, he’s keen to make sure he’s not the focal point, directly. He told the Pedestrian at an event he attended to promote his book:

“[T]here’s maybe a TV show coming up, maybe a clothing collection coming up. There’s a lot of negotiating going on right now … I was offered a lot of shows before, and I don’t think the companies were right that were asking me. But this company I think is right. It’s a very well known Director and all, they’re a company. But I finally realized that the success of the blog, is the fact that it’s not about me it’s about the people that I talk to and the people I choose to talk to and shoot and all that … So I would be in the show but definitely not the focus just like there’s one picture of me in this book. So I’ve become well known not by promoting myself but by talking and shooting other people. So maybe there’s a TV show maybe there’s an accessories collection that might lead into a full clothing collection.”

Sounds like our friend Scott here is a little bashful about promoting himself. He may as well go balls out, because this is the digital age, where everything is about self-promotion. From Fashion Toast and Sea of Shoes to Twitter to Facebook to commenting on blogs to writing one’s own blog to reality TV. So he shouldn’t worry about being the focus of a clothing line or television program. It’s an admirable attempt at modesty — but be real, Scott. Let your inner fame whore loose! All of us internet people have one. And if you start thrusting yourself before the photographer pit, fine by us. We won’t stop you. We might judge you, but isn’t that what it’s all about?

The Sartorialist Scott Schuman has a TV show and clothing line in the works [Sassybella]

The Sartorialist Might Get His Own TV Show, But He Doesn’t Want to Star in It