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The Times Discovers Fashion Blogs

Watch your back, editors!

Oh my gosh, y’all, did you hear about these newfangled things called fashion blogs? Well, they’re, like, everywhere, the Times Styles section said, and it’s getting fashion editors at magazines all up in a tizzy! The venerable Gray Lady tried her damnedest this weekend to stir up some controversy by pointing out that editors like Anna Wintour and the Vogue crew don’t much care for sitting next to bloggers. (Oh, the horror.) Apparently, as Tavi swanned in, decked out in her adorable outfits, not everyone was thinking she was quite so cute. And Bryan Boy scored a spot two seats away from Anna at the spring D&G show in Milan. Oh, what will become of fashion?

Apparently, this seismic shift (which, let’s point out, has been happening for years) has become so grand that designers are actually paying attention to bloggers. “Marc Jacobs named one of his bag designs after Bryan Boy,” Eric Wilson dutifully points out in his article. To which we say, “Yes, but what has he done for us lately?” This is old news. Apparently, the speed at which blogs can gather photos, post both them and commentary, and hit publish is a big threat to the majors of the front row. But, if we may reassure our Vogue-ettes for a second: We do need you. Without your spreads, your market editors, your photographers, whom and what would we write about? We need fashion magazines just as much as we need blogs. So there, everyone can stop popping Xanax now. When blogs start shooting the latest clothes with the style and substance that magazines do, and readers turn to them in droves, then editors can worry. Enough with the whole fashion print is dead thing. That story is so 2009.

Bloggers Crash Fashion’s Front Row [NYT]

The Times Discovers Fashion Blogs