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The Young Kids Want to Dress Like Mad Men; ELuxury Relaunches

• New Balance filed a lawsuit against LVMH claiming that Louis Vuitton had infringed on intellectual property by designing a sneaker named Minstrel that was similar to a New Balance shoe from the nineties. The case has been settled out of court, though neither company made mention of a financial settlement. [WWD]

• There is a style gap in men’s fashion between the younger generation that wants to dress really well, like Mad Men characters, and the older generation that doesn’t want to dress well and never did. [NYT]

• People who sell their work on Etsy.com face a difficult challenge because when they turn their hobbies into making money, the process takes over their lives. [NYT]

• The website eLuxury.com is relaunching in 2010 under the name Nowness, with plans to have it up and running by the beginning of January. [Independent UK]

• The label Aquilano.Rimondi, designed by Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, signed a deal with Gilmar to create a knitwear collection. It will launch for fall 2010. [WWD]

• Timo Weiland plans to introduce jewelry into his brand via a capsule-collection collaboration with Bing Bang designer Anna Sheffield. [BlackBook]

• Lisa Loeb is launching her own eyewear collection for early 2010. [Racked]

• Target sells footie pajamas for adults — men and women. [Fashion Makes Me Horny via Racked]

The Young Kids Want to Dress Like Mad Men; ELuxury Relaunches