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Using Fat for Breast Implants Safe; Chanel No. 5 Will Get You a Date

• The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that using liposuctioned fat for breast augmentation is safe, reversing its twenty-year stance against the procedure. Doctors previously had expressed concern that the calcium deposits that can occur from the procedure would lead to incorrectly read mammograms. [NYT]

• Katy Perry debuted new short bangs at the Grammy nominations last night. What do you think of the look? [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• New hair-care line HerCut takes a new approach to hair products, sorting them by haircut rather than hair type. The line offers formulas for bobs, long layers, blunt cuts, shag cuts, and pixie cuts. It’s available on now and will reach stores in February. [Fashionista]

• A British survey found that Chanel No. 5 is the scent most likely to attract a mate. Superdrug’s poll of 3,000 women found that one in ten testers were able to find a date while wearing the perfume. [Grazia UK]

• Cartier is releasing a set of luxury fragrances dubbed Les Heures du Parfum (translation: the Hours of Perfume). The first five, out of a future total of thirteen, are out now and include I (“the Promising Hour”), VI (“the Shining Hour”), X (“the Crazy Hour”), XII (“the Mysterious Hour”), and XIII ("the Thirteenth Hour”). The company plans to release two each year in non-chronological order. [Independent UK]

• Jennifer Lopez plans to launch J Lo Blue Glow in February, to compliment J Lo Glow. The fruity, floral fragrance will also be available in a body lotion. [Now Smell This]

• There’s a new website called, featuring various photos and videos of people popping their own (and others’) pimples. Keep these things to yourselves, kids. [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

Using Fat for Breast Implants Safe; Chanel No. 5 Will Get You a Date