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Women More Attached to Shoes Than to Lovers

A new study reveals that women are more likely to remember the first pair of shoes they bought than who they shared their first kiss with. In a poll of 1,000 women, 92 percent remembered the first pair of shoes they bought with their own money, but less than two in three could remember the name of the first person they kissed. While 96 percent felt remorse for throwing away a pair of shoes, only 15 percent felt bad about dumping a boyfriend.

Glendon Lloyd, director of website, which commissioned the survey, said: “These results show that women are even more attached to their footwear than previously thought.

“People always think of women storing old love letters in a shoebox, but in many cases, the shoes themselves are even more precious.”

“Women treat shoes like best friends. And it seems their footwear memories last longer than those of their past lovers.

Experts say women may harbor more feelings for shoes than for men because we buy shoes for special occasions, like birthdays and weddings, so they’re attached to happy times and happy memories. And then sometimes women might buy shoes to wear when they dump their boyfriends, so they look extra hot and make the dude feel extra sorry for losing them, thereby placing extra value on the footwear. Also when you break up with someone, you usually want to black everything out, good times and bad. Shoes will always be there for you. But while some men can be great, collectively they are about as dependable as a crocheted garment from Forever 21.

We remember our first kiss but don’t remember the first pair of shoes we bought for ourselves. However, in thinking about which matters more — shoes or men — it came to our attention that we keep a showy pair of seven-inchers on the bookcase as decoration, but have no framed photos of the boyfriend anywhere. (Love you, honey! Mean it!)

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Women More Attached to Shoes Than to Lovers