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Amber Rose Posed Clothed, With Fencers, for a Spread in the March Issue of Gotham

Jason Rogers and Tim Morehouse.

Olympic fencing medalists Jason Rogers and Tim Morehouse are ramping up their fashion-world invasion. Although they were not booked to walk in any of this season’s menswear shows currently happening in Paris (Louis Vuitton wanted Jason last season, but it didn’t quite pan out), the Wilhelmina-signed swashbucklers just shot a photo spread with Amber Rose for Gotham magazine’s March issue. In the photos, all three are on a couch — fully clothed — with Rose between them in a beaded dress that seemed to weigh a lot, the athletes explained at the Cinema Society screening of Extraordinary Measures last night. Morehouse and Rogers were cordial with Rose during the shoot, but not overly friendly. “A few words were exchanged, some friendly, ‘Hi, how are you, really love your boyfriend’s music,’” Rogers said. Morehouse clarified: “Um … how do I say it? You don’t want to mess with Kanye’s girl.”

In May, the fencing teammates will be doing a fashion and fencing event at Barneys, a benefit for Right to Play, a children’s sports organization. The event will feature photos of Rogers, Morehouse, and others engaged in the sport of fencing, and they say it’s just the start. “This is like our kickoff,” Morehouse said, although the two have already been featured in Vanity Fair and elsewhere. “We’re coming for Nacho Figueras!” he said, laughing. “We’re coming for him; we’re taking him out. Look out, Nacho! There’s two of us, and we have swords.” They were not specific about which label or fragrance they are particularly interested in endorsing. “We’ll take anything,” they said.

If Rogers were to partake in the Winter Olympics, he would like to do fencing on ice skates. “I think it’s viable. I mean, figure skating is viable, everybody loves figure skating,” he said. “We could put on the sequined outfits, and that’s what makes it more interesting. The sparkly outfits would bring more attention to the sport, it would certainly be more glamorous — you know, can you imagine a guy with a sword and sequins in the lights? I mean, that’s just fabulous.”

Amber Rose Posed Clothed, With Fencers, for a Spread in the March Issue of Gotham