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Angelina Jolie No Longer the Face of St. John

You know how Brad Pitt looks with his beard right now? How when you look at his face all you can focus on is how long and scraggly and weirdly matted it is on the ends? And how you just wish he’d get rid of it so you could enjoy the bottom line — his gorgeous face? St. John has similar feelings about having Angelina Jolie in their ads. Just like when you look at Brad’s face all you see is his beard, they have realized then when you look at St. John ads all you see is Angelina Jolie. But that shan’t continue for spring! The label is dismissing ended its relationship with her after her contract ran out since she “overshadowed” the brand, St. John’s CEO tells WWD.

“We wanted to make a clean break from actresses and steer away from blondes and cleanse the palette.”

So they hired redhead model Karen Elson, shot by photographer Greg Kadel. “We have evolved,” the CEO boasts. Although when we look at this picture, all we see is Elson’s hair.

Update: The original post was updated to clarify the nature of Jolie’s departure from St John’s: She was not dismissed from the campaign; her contract merely ran out.


Angelina Jolie No Longer the Face of St. John