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Critics Drool Over Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spectacular Couture Mexican Fiesta

Finally, couture has gotten interesting. Jean Paul Gaultier presented a spring 2010 collection inspired by Mexico, the Aztecs, and Avatar in Paris this morning. Avatar might not have worked for you as a movie in the theater, but on the runway, interpreted by Jean Paul Gaultier, it’s smashing. Fashion Wire Daily reports:

“I saw the Avatar and, like everyone, found it extraordinary. And from there I began thinking of nature and ecology, and the Latin American tropics; and from there it was not very far to Mexico,” explained Gaultier, seconds after posing for photos with Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko.

The Avatar influence was evident in the models’ plaited hair. Set to mariachi music, the show opened with a denim jacket, moved into dark suits, then exploded into a couture rain forest of clothes. Models that didn’t wear amazing, intricately crafted couture sombreros had palm fronds sticking out of their heads. With Gaultier’s typical sass, a few models strode onto the runway with cigars in hand.

Photo: Imaxtree

Godfrey Deeny of Fashion Wire Daily writes:

In a bravura display of technique and imagination, Gaultier staged what will probably be the most triumphant couture collection this week in Paris, and quite probably the show which will still trump anything we will see next month during the women’s ready-to-wear shows in New York, London, Milan or Paris… This collection was that good, from its Incan femme fatales and Aztec sacrifice maidens to Mexican Theater of the Dead tragic heroines and Hollywood Latino movie stars.

Many models also wore cowboy boots — couture cowboy boots — and carried handbags that looked, according to Deeny, “like they really were made of coconut leaves.” And some of the dresses look like they were really made of woven leaves. Palm trees have never looked so good.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Eva Gardner Avatar [Fashion Wire Daily]

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Critics Drool Over Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spectacular Couture Mexican Fiesta