Demi Moore Before and After Photoshop

Demi Moore appears in a new Helena Rubinstein perfume ad shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. Jezebel got wind of an unretouched photo of the actress in pretty much the same (very popular for spring) supine position — from Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter feed. Moore was recently the center of an ongoing debate over how much W Photoshopped her for their December cover, which her lawyers and the magazine denied. However, looking at this side-by-side shows just how much fashion and beauty companies can and do alter these images. Some things we notice in the ad that may have been digitally altered:

• Her cleavage appears sculpted and inflated.
• Her armpit is missing a prominent wrinkle.
• Her sternum has disappeared.
• Her hair is smoother and more voluminous.
• Her neck has no wrinkles.
• Actually, none of her has wrinkles.

Actresses have more post-production work done than models, especially for ads. But Demi Moore looks terrific on her own — she doesn’t need to be made to look like a piece of plastic in order for the world to want to buy perfume from her … right? Let us know what else you think Helena Rubenstein may have changed.

Demi Moore, Unretouched: Or, Why Do Cosmetics Companies Think Models Need Photoshop? [Jezebel]

Demi Moore Before and After Photoshop