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John Galliano Presents Equestrian-Inspired Spring 2010 Dior Couture Show

Christian Dior’s spring 2010 couture show walked in Paris today, and boy are we thrilled to see those models in pants and tops instead of bras and slips. Whereas last season John Galliano’s Dior couture show was lingerie-inspired, this season the designer went with an equestrian theme. Models came out with riding crops and wearing side-saddle skirts (you know the couture customer would never straddle an animal). And like the male models in Galliano’s fall 2010 men’s show, the girls in today’s couture show wore gray streaks in their hair but with a sort of “Bride of Frankenstein” style. At the end of the show Galliano came out in a full riding getup, “flicking a whip against his outer thigh.” He allegedly walked to take his bow, but from the pictures we can just as easily imagine him trotting or skipping.

Critics love the collection, as they usually do. “There was one sensational dress on Chanel Iman, a cocktail of lace and tulle flowers, which rendered the U.K. model so beautiful you could just count the hearts being broken,” Godfrey Deeny wrote for Fashion Wire Daily, clearly getting a little carried away by the magic of couture.

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Then again, it’s one of two times each year we see ballgowns big enough to hide Brangelina’s brood, which is always fun. The Telegraph’s Hilary Alexander writes that Galliano’s new batch “generated gasps of admiration” from front-row celebs including Dita Von Teese and Kylie Minogue. And again, most important, they covered the girls — no more bras with ballgown skirts. Maybe the era of the slut who leaves the house in panties and heels is only meant to last a season. Unless J-WOWW can keep it alive — but she seems more intent on bringing the midriff back.

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John Galliano Presents Equestrian-Inspired Spring 2010 Dior Couture Show