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Kate Moss Wants Her Own Makeup Line; Lady Gaga’s Hair Is Yellow

Kate Moss says she wants to create a makeup line. Also, she dished her beauty advice: “Iced water with cucumber; and waxing, definitely — it’s better than shaving. Moisturize, sleep — and happiness: that’s a beauty secret. I know I look different when I’m happy. I don’t really stick to one thing.” [Times UK]

• The Rock & Republic cosmetics line is reportedly being discontinued. It launched last year. [Splendicity]

• If you want to color your eyelids the color of the Caribbean Sea, it’s possible. In one set of how-to instructions, it only takes nine different products to achieve the look. [Temptalia]

• Now Lady Gaga’s hair is a bright-yellow hue. No, it’s not blonde … it’s the color of Big Bird. [Beauty Counter/]

Givenchy is launching two fragrances this year. One is named Dance, which features fruity floral notes, and the other is named Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy, which is described as a refined floral. [Now Smell This]

• Cosmetic surgeons are countering the government proposal of a “Botax” (the idea of taxing 5 percent on cosmetic surgeries) with the notion of a tanning tax, or taxing tanners 10 percent for every purchase. The Indoor Tanning Association says the thought is “laughable,” but they also note that they have less lobbying power in Washington. [StyleList]

Kate Moss Wants Her Own Makeup Line; Lady Gaga’s Hair Is Yellow