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Stipe & Cutrone at Smith & Sebring’s Opening

“Do you know Mary Ellen Mark?” Kelly Cutrone asked us when she arrived at Patti Smith and Steven Sebring’s art opening last night. “We’re together. We got married in Vegas last week. I’m into brunettes who don’t wear makeup, who have a lot of power,” Cutrone joked about the award-winning photojournalist. Cutrone introduced the woman on her other side as none other than fashion photographer Roxanne Lowit.

“They’re the only women out of all the people I’ve met that I actually look up to and want to be like,” Cutrone said of her posse. “We’re the Witches of Eastwick. We have lunch together, all of us.”

Lowit recently published Backstage Dior, and PR queen Cutrone came up with a catchy title for Lowit’s next book: Did You Get the Picture? That, the ladies explained, is the only thing that Anna Wintour said to Lowit in her 30 years of shooting backstage at fashion shows.

But Kelly has her own projects lined up. “I have a book with Harper Collins that’s dropping on February 2, a TV show on Bravo called Kell on Earth airing on February 1, and I’m currently shooting my MTV show The City, and I’m prepping ten fashion shows for New York, working with my Paris office, and dealing with my daughter’s math homework,” she said, making us feel lazy.

Cutrone says she hasn’t seen all of the upcoming episodes of Kell on Earth so she doesn’t know everything that made the final cut, but offered a couple of vague hints. “I get fired by a client,” she said, most likely referring to Yigal Azrouel. “And there are a lot of victories. One of my favorite things on the show that we did is for Donna Karan — we went out and we took fifteen models and we dressed them up in these cozies and we throw them out on streets of New York, and we do like six or eight locations. So people are eating lunch on Columbus Circle, and we have these models in front of them walking around. It was kind of fun.” Wait, cozies, as in Snuggies? “No, like the little wrap sweater that Donna makes, the DKNY wrap sweater,” she said, to our relief.

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Stipe & Cutrone at Smith & Sebring’s Opening