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Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone Got Married! [Updated]

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone didn’t just go to St. Barts to frolic on the beach with God knows how expensive Louis Vuitton towels and Birkin bags, possibly smearing the leather with grease from their torsos, but who cares?! Marc probably has bowls of these things sitting around his house like butterscotch candies. Anyway, according to Guest of a Guest and Stylexperts, one night down there recently, MarLo got married! (Marc hinted to us in April a December wedding in St. Barts could occur.) The couple continued to showcase their splendidly toned torsos at an exclusive dinner hosted by Larry Gagosian following the private ceremony, refusing to burden their necks with stuffy neckties. Few details are available, but judging from the photos we like the looks of this wedding. Marc appears shirtless on the top of the cake with his man and his puppies, he also wore a skirt, and they probably didn’t freak out over every single floral arrangement and the placement of their every eyebrow hair. Lorenzo’s askew, carefree suspenders say it all! And they look so in love and adorable. Congrats to the happy couple! Now they can go home and get fat together.

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone wedding party in St Barth [Stylexperts]
Breaking: Marc Jacobs And Lorenzo Martone Tie The Knot In St. Barts! [Guest of a Guest]

Update: A source close to the couple tells us MarLo did not wed in St. Barts. Apparently Larry Gagosian just held an engagement party for them. With a wedding cake.

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Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone Got Married! [Updated]