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Mark Fast Declined to Lend Clothes to Lady Gaga, Shuns ‘Fast-Food Fashion’

As 29-year-old designer Mark Fast’s star quickly rises, he’s keen on leveraging the right celebrities to help him make it to the top. His signature skintight knit dresses with sexy see-through woven insets are just the kind of thing Lady Gaga would wear. They’re the perfect graduation from her favorite lace body stockings, which she’s probably buying in sex shops (or maybe American Apparel). In a Fast piece she can still walk around with her nipples and thong showing, but in a decidedly more expensive-looking way. However, when Gaga’s stylists asked to borrow from Fast, he, like Antonio Berardi, declined, Metro reports:

“I love her music and that Bad Romance song is stuck in my head all the time, but we don’t necessarily have to accept everyone just because they are famous,” says the soft-spoken designer.

“My work is about a lifestyle. It’s not fast-food fashion. It’s not about trends, it’s about classic, it’s about the body, it’s about beauty. Maybe that gets lost in the picture with certain celebrities.”

If Gaga wore Fast, it wouldn’t be, “Ooh, Gaga picked up on Mark Fast! Oof, she should have done something about the panty lines.” It would be, “Dear God, Gaga has a nasty case of panty-induced flesh puckering!” And then the next night at dinner with friends, “Did you see Gaga’s PANTY-LINE DRESS?!” She is most often more important than the label on her.

Mark Fast takes a pass on dressing Lady Gaga [Metro]
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Mark Fast Declined to Lend Clothes to Lady Gaga, Shuns ‘Fast-Food Fashion’