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Megan Fox’s New Armani Ad-Campaign Photos

Fox: Brilliant when she’s quiet.

Why, it only seems like last week that Megan Fox, she of the high, alabaster cheeks, swinging hips, murder thumbs, and unchecked mouth was absolutely everywhere — the big screen, SNL, the blogs, the cover of Nylon. Somehow, though, we reached full saturation level with the young, aggressive actress, and the cold season has seen little of the Transformers ingenue. But, as you may remember, the high point of the last Megan Fox media cycle concluded with the raven-haired sex bomb landing the Emporio Armani underwear and Armani Jeans ad contract. As promised, here she is, showing off her curves and reigniting the flames in teenage hearts with these come-hither shots by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, and the results are frankly better than expected. Piggott and Alas have smoothed down some of Fox’s natural “hardness,” adding intrigue to what was becoming a tired image (the digital removal of every one of her many tattoos didn’t hurt, either). And, sure, the campaign lacks the edgy absurdity delivered by the actress’s predecessor, Victoria Beckham, but certainly no one can look at Fox’s hips and accuse Armani’s team of a Ralph Lauren–style Photoshop foul. See another shot after the jump.

Photo: Courtesy of Emporio Armani

Megan Fox on Display for Armani

Megan Fox’s New Armani Ad-Campaign Photos