is fashion week upon us already?

QVC Fashion Show Threatens Very Fiber of Fashion Week’s Being

Today we received a semi-casual warning via e-mail that our QVC invite was on its way. QVC will stage and live-broadcast a show during Fashion Week in the tents on Saturday, February 13. The show will include QVC lines such as Rachel Zoe’s and Isaac Mizrahi’s. However, as can sometimes happen when a new kid comes to town, QVC is doing things all wrong. Mostly because they’re not having a front row. From the e-mail:

As you may already know the QVC Show is a live broadcast and we do not do the conventional seating at the fashion show.

Also, if you and a guest would like to view the actual show the reason why we can not put you front row is because you are stuck to stay the entire show since it is a live broadcast without commercials. However, we can escort you and your guest inside and have seats that you will definitely have prime viewing. These seats will allow you to go in and out of the show at your leisure.

Don’t they know that the whole point of Fashion Week and Bryant Park isn’t to see the clothes? (Anyone can do that online.) It’s to show everyone who’s important and who isn’t. The better your view, the more you matter. Everyone can see everyone’s place in the fashion hierarchy and thus treat them as either the royalty or scum that they are. So no front row, QVC? Well. Anna Wintour is definitely not going now.

QVC Fashion Show Threatens Very Fiber of Fashion Week’s Being