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Sarah Jessica Parker to Design for Halston

The rumors swirling yesterday are true: Sarah Jessica Parker is taking on Halston. Though she will be designing for the Halston Heritage label, there’s no word on her actual title as of yet (creative director is what seems likely). Heritage, if you recall, is the secondary line of Halston, and features archival looks. Which means that the Halston line itself is SJP-free and designed by Marios Schwab. Everyone can stop freaking out now. SJP scored herself one heckuva better deal than ol’ Lindsay did: She has an equity stake in the company as well as another executive role within Halston.

WWD points out that though Harvey Weinstein is one of the owners, he had little or nothing to do with hiring a Hollywood actress to head up a label. Instead, Hilco Consumer Capital LLC, another of Halston’s owners, was the mastermind. Hilco also owns Polaroid, and was instrumental in getting Lady Gaga to be named creative director of a special line for them. We sense a trend starting! In an effort to prevent any more surprise news, let’s look at what else Hilco owns and figure out who could possibly be the new creatives paired with them.

The Sharper Image: Zachary Quinto. He’s sexy as an evil Hero and Spock, so just imagine him with a special line of gadgets!

Bombay: Keira Knightley. Finally, she can branch out from her period pieces to do … colonial-themed homewares.

Ellen Tracy: Angelina Jolie is out a modeling gig. She can make the clothes and wear them. Win-win!

We can just feel the synergy happening.

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Halston Heritage Role [WWD]
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Sarah Jessica Parker to Design for Halston