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Trophy Jackets Versus Trophy Girlfriends

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have an online magazine called Swide, which is of course yet another marketing device to sell their clothes. They’ve taken to their blog to try to sell statement jackets, a key piece of their spring 2010 men’s collection. It’s a hard sell for most straight men, and we’re not sure this argument will be powerful enough to persuade them:

Who needs to bother with trophy girlfriends? Dolce & Gabbana’s SS10 array of great embellished jackets means you can forego the hassle of dating and make your blazer your best spokesperson.

… Light and chic or dark and interesting, you can be all sorts of men this season. Varying your pleasures: go for fail-safe baroque or conversational black and white. Getting lonely with your great jacket collection? Not a concern anyway, the trophy jacket is your best ally to find that trophy girlfriend!

Except that a guy who has a collection of jackets that are this … fussy is bound to be fussy about all kinds of stuff. Most chicks probably don’t want to date a guy who spends longer in the bathroom tweezing his eyebrows and putting on cheek highlighter than they do. And people with that much time on their hands just aren’t having that much sex.

Forget girlfriends, spring is for trophy jackets [Official Site]

Trophy Jackets Versus Trophy Girlfriends