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Milan Fashion Week Organizers Still Furious Over Anna Wintour’s Travel Plans

A few weeks ago, Milan Fashion Week organizers voiced discontent over this season’s show schedule. Since Anna Wintour had only allotted three days for Milan’s fall 2010 shows, organizers crunched what should have been, and usually is, a weeklong schedule down to three days. The major houses didn’t want to show when she wouldn’t be able to attend.

“She’s welcome in Milan but if she only comes for a fleeting visit, perhaps it would be better if she stayed at home,” said Mario Boselli, the president of the Italian Fashion Chamber, earlier this month. The mayor of Milan later sounded off: “Nobody, not even if her name is Anna Wintour, can take the liberty to do and undo our fashion schedule.”

Boselli had reason to be stressed. When labels learned that Anna, the most popular girl in the high school that is fashion, would only be in town for three days, they frantically contacted him to change their show times to coincide with her visit. Boselli agreed to let the major houses show on the days she was scheduled to be in town. But then, at the beginning of the month, he called an emergency meeting. Fendi agreed to give up its Saturday spot to show on Thursday, but only if someone else did it, too. So Prada volunteered to join them, because, you know, only the coolest kids can get away with being different.

Now The Wall Street Journal reports Anna will probably spend four days in Milan. That presumably includes today for Prada and Fendi. Despite the firestorm, she’s acting calm and aloof as usual. Asked in London about her plans, she said she’s “going to Italy to cover all the shows that I normally cover. I’m really looking forward to going to Italy as always.” Her spokesman reiterated that her schedule is no different from seasons past.

We feel like this situation serves to show how fashion operates in many ways like high school. However, Italy puts it on a much higher plane. “Making the calendar is difficult, like choosing a pope,” Boselli said. “Until there’s a pope, no one can leave the room.”

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Milan Fashion Week Organizers Still Furious Over Anna Wintour’s Travel Plans