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Beat the Winter Doldrums With 120 Cheerful Décor Finds

Spring is six weeks away and we’re starting to go a little stir-crazy from being cooped up in our apartments all winter. In attempt to mix it up, we started shifting furniture around and purging our closets, but what we really need is to bring in some colorful and fun décor to dress the place up. Which is why in our latest Shop-a-Matic we hunted down (mostly) inexpensive finds to revamp any space. We also asked Joy Cho from the whimsical modern design blog Oh Joy! to chime in with some of her picks as well. The result was a slightly quirky and off-kilter selection of 28 items that reflect her love of texture and pattern. Click here to view the full selection and check out her picks, along with ours, below.

Yomi Gold TRASH bag by Adrian Kondratowicz
Price: $7
Why Oh Joy! Likes It: Trash gets such a bag rap, but these polka-dotted ones add a little polish to make them really shine.

Squirrel & Fox Couple Wall Art by Magic Jelly
Price: $28
Why We Like It: Fans of Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” can adorn walls with this slightly eerie but inspired vintage-style print.

Cake Lace Rubber Coasters by Jansen + Co.
Price: $10 for set of four.
Why Oh Joy! Likes It: The best part of a doily gets mixed with a very functional and durable material for instant sweetness under every drink.

Grandpa Clock
Price: $79
Why We Like It: Made from paper but still fully functional, this trompe l’oeil piece adds a sense of surrealism to any room.

Kimara Hammock by Marimekko
Price: $215
Why Oh Joy! Likes It: If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard, hang up a cheery hammock. Because a nap (or two) wrapped in a rainbow can do us all some good.

Beat the Winter Doldrums With 120 Cheerful Décor Finds