Behold Ralph Lauren’s Olympics Uniforms

Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms our nation’s athletes will wear to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, which start in Vancouver next week on February 12. The uniforms, consisting of navy puffer jackets, winter-white tapered pants, and Fair Isle knit hats, were inspired by the 1932 Lake Placid games. While the uniforms Lauren designed for the Beijing games were more tailored to make the team look like “statesmen,” these are more easygoing:

“This time, (the USOC) wanted something that’s a lot more sporty, technical-oriented, a little more relaxed,” [Polo’s senior vice president of advertising, marketing and corporate communications David] Lauren says.

Why dress up for Canada? It’s just right there, after all. If you really feel like letting your inner Olympics geek loose, you can buy the uniforms online to wear in front of your television next Friday. The knit sweater is $425, while the fleece pants are $165 and the Denver boot is $159. Or if you’re feeling broke, you can just get the snow-scene hat with little tails on it for just $75.

Ralph Lauren tailors Team USA for Vancouver [USAT]

Behold Ralph Lauren’s Olympics Uniforms