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Beyoncé Wove Tinsel Into Her Hair; Estée Lauder Created Otto Dix–Inspired Products

• Beyoncé went all out last night at the Grammys. Her makeup featured a sculpted, smoky eye with dark brows and nude lips, and her hair had tinsel woven in. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Pink went gray. The singer dyed the top of her platinum-blonde hair so that it faded into a silver-gray hue and revealed the new look at the Grammy Awards last night. Kate Moss tried the look last week, but ditched it after a day. [StyleList]

• Estée Lauder created two limited-edition products inspired by the work of artist Otto Dix — a crimson lipstick and a mirror compact. The Bauhaus-inspired pieces are coming out this March, timed in conjunction with the Otto Dix exhibit that is opening at the Neue Gallery in New York. [Beauty Counter/]

Givenchy’s artistic director of makeup, Nicolas Degennesnew, launched a new collection named New Impressions for spring. The pastel colors are inspired by the notion of a blank page, with the makeup serving as the pen to draw along the lines. [StyleList]

• Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise reportedly got organic spray tans together. [Page Six/NYP]

• Younger boys are using Axe body sprays to feel more masculine. Though the target demographic for the products are men ages 18 to 24, boys from 10 to 14 are buying the products. A middle school gym teacher on Axe: “It’s not necessarily a hygiene thing. If they’ve been sweating, they’ll use it as a mask instead of a shower.” [NYT]

• A new survey released by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery states that Americans consider plastic surgery more mainstream than it was five years ago. The total number of plastic surgeries has increased by 100 percent since 2000. [Independent UK]

Beyoncé Wove Tinsel Into Her Hair; Estée Lauder Created Otto Dix–Inspired Products