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Christopher Kane’s Cowlicks; Are Single-Tendril Curls Cool Again?

• Hairstylist Paul Hanlon created exaggerated cowlicks seen at Christopher Kane by working with Tigi hair products. He said he wanted to make them high, but not “ridiculously high,” so they looked like they still had natural movement. [WWD]

Marios Schwab’s show featured models with matte legs, rather than super-shiny, extra-moisturized ones. Nichola Joss of St. Tropez used the brand’s Everyday Perfect Legs bottle of bronzer and self-tanner backstage to achieve the look. [Beauty Counter/]

Glamour insists that the single-tendril curl — the lone piece of curled hair that hangs down the side of your face when you’re wearing an updo — is back. Both Michelle Trachtenberg and Erika Christensen wore the look recently, which makes it suddenly cool, while bridesmaids and promgoers have been wearing it for years when it wasn’t. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Eric Jimenz from Urban Decay Cosmetics claims pale teens now have more confidence in their skin because of pale stars like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. [Daily Express UK]

• One man tried five different celebrity colognes and kept a journal about how he felt about each one. The Usher fragrance ruined his night, the McGraw scent’s musky power caused a fight between him and his wife, and Antonio Banderas’s “smells like a photograph of a memory of a night out with great friends.” Antonio for the win! [BlackBook]

• Illamasqaua is hosting a competition for fans to submit their dream nail-polish color. The winner’s fantasy shade will be created by the company. [Beauty Blog/Teen Vogue]

Christopher Kane’s Cowlicks; Are Single-Tendril Curls Cool Again?