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Daphne Guinness Will Wear Her Seven-Inch Heels in the Snow; Other Fashion People Choose Uggs

Last night, before the snow started causing all sorts of problems for Fashion Week, the chic people partied at a dinner in honor of Vanessa Paradis, who fronts Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick. Daphne Guinness had no plans to change out of her standard seven-inch platforms to navigate the accumulation. “You know, the last blizzard, in December, I wore these shoes and I walked twenty blocks in them, and then I tried to walk back and it was so cold. And my best friend Robin was like, You’re going to break your neck in those shoes. And I was sliding a bit, but I have a very steady walk,” she told us. “Shit happens. I guess I could break my neck tomorrow.”

But would you expect anything less from the woman who can wear Alexander McQueen’s ten-inch Alien shoes to a party? “If you look at them carefully, they’re not that tall. They’ve got a huge platform. With any shoe, you have to condition like you’re conditioning for a sport. You work out different muscles,” Guinness said. “If you put me in a pair of eleven-inch stilettos without a platform, I’ll have blisters and I won’t be able to walk. There’s no way. Your bones aren’t built for that. Eight-inch with a platform, that’s easy. You know, I could map it out on a piece of paper for you and explain it to you distinctly and brilliantly, but if I do it now, I’ll sound pretentious and ridiculous.” Guinness continued, “I’ve got some Ugg boots. The only problem is I feel like I’m falling backwards. My muscles just aren’t built for flats anymore.”

Other fashion people fully support Uggs in the tents, such as Purple editor Olivier Zahm. “Are Uggs the big blonde thing?” he said. “I think they’re great. Everyone looks beautiful when it is snowing.” Terry Richardson had similar advice for looking good in the snow. “You’ve just got to bundle up. And wear your Uggs! Put your Uggs on,” he seconded.

Though Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley will probably wear Sorels with a winter coat tomorrow, she’s also pro-Uggs for Fashion Week. “I think they’re fine! I think the only thing that isn’t fine is if your feet are wet and freezing. I mean, that’s dumb. I don’t get that at all,” she said.

Rachel Zoe, on the other hand, prefers a fashionable snow boot. “I just got snow boots today. I was like, ‘Oh my God — all I’ve got are stiletto ankle boots. What do I do? That’s going to be a problem in the snow.’” She picked up a pair of not Uggs, but Guccis. “They’re half knit and half wedge. Of course they have a heel. But to be honest, I’m so excited. I love the snow.”

Vogue Gioiello Fashion Director Giovanna Battaglia is taking advantage of the snow storm for similar reasons. “I only wear high heels. I have no pants. I have my outfits for Fashion Week. I’m desperate. It’s an excuse to buy some more stuff. Like a fur,” she told us. “They’ve been talking about the snow since this morning. I’m Italian — we face trouble and problems very differently. It’s a bit of a safety obsession here. My masseuse called me and was like, ‘So, are you going to cancel your massage tomorrow?’ and I was like, ‘No, why?’ ‘Because everyone’s canceling, with the snow.’ ‘No, I’m getting anyway.’ I don’t know, do you think it’s going to be that bad?”

We wish everyone luck walking to the tents tomorrow.

Daphne Guinness Will Wear Her Seven-Inch Heels in the Snow; Other Fashion People Choose Uggs