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Doo-Ri Chung Thinks Target and H&M Collaborations Are Played Out

Bright colors at Doo.Ri.

Designer Doo-Ri Chung’s Doo.Ri collection usually features lots of grays, but for her fall 2010 runway show yesterday, she sent out a surge of color. A series of cherry-red looks hit the catwalk, as well as pieces in blue featuring hand-stitched sequined panels, while makeup matched with sparkly pouts covered in glitter. “I love the blacks and grays and navies — I think those are colors that I wear all the time, and I think that as a woman, everyone needs that in their wardrobe,” the designer told us. “But my job is to bring other accents in and kind of fill that and make that a complete collection.” Read: Hey, New Yorkers, maybe it’s time to stop wearing all black. “I always love the use of color,” she continued. “The red was not a true red — it was a gradation of red that was kind of a mix together, so it was kind of a mash of color together.”

It’s also possible we may see some of her latest runway looks reinterpreted for her lower-priced diffusion line, under.ligne. “Hopefully, I’m sure I’ll find some,” she said, while noting that she’s unsure which ones will make the jump from the runway to her other collection. “Right now it’s hard to disassociate yourself and flip. I mean, that’s the hard thing about having two collections. You know, you really need to stay focused on one and then shift to the next.” And with the thought of lower-prices lines, we wondered if she would ever consider a partnership with H&M or Target in the future. “I mean, everything is kind of open,” she told us. “But I think the idea of collaborations — I just feel it’s kind of been played.”

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Doo-Ri Chung Thinks Target and H&M Collaborations Are Played Out