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Emanuel Ungaro Boutique on Madison May Close Down

After Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus dropped Emanuel Ungaro for spring, the only places left to buy it in this city were Upper East Side boutique Vivaldi and the Ungaro boutique on Madison. However, the Awl reports that the Madison Avenue boutique is calling customers and telling them the store is closing. One such voice mail went like this:

“Unfortunately,” the leaver of the voicemail said, “um, we’re actually going to be closing our doors February 27th, so I wanted to invite you to our liquidation sale.”

The Awl continues:

Last night, we called the store for comment. An employee there told me, after a bit of hesitation (and, obviously, after I said I was a reporter) that I was misinformed and that the store “was fine” and that they were merely liquidating the fall/winter inventory, you see. Not that the entire store was being sold off at 75% off and closing up shop in about three weeks.

So hear that? Everything at Ungaro is 75 percent off if you care to drag yourself up to Madison. This could be further fallout from the Curse of Lohan. Perhaps orders for the spring collection were even worse than expected upon Lindsay Lohan’s arrival as artistic director, forcing Ungaro to downsize. Lindsay hasn’t exactly increased sales for the label, but then again, she doesn’t seem to be promoting it very well. In her eighteen-page photo spread in Muse, there are no fashion credits. (Not that she wears very many clothes in those photos, but still.) Also, she wore a dress by Alexander Wang to a Grammys function. It’s a great dress, but really, Linds?

The Lindsay Lohan-Centered Biz Model Drives Ungaro Into Closing Madison Ave. Store [Awl]

Emanuel Ungaro Boutique on Madison May Close Down