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Fate of McQueen Label Uncertain As Rumors Surrounding Death Surface

Alexander McQueen’s fall 2010 collection was essentially finished, a source tells Fashionologie. The design team reportedly completed the final fittings last week before the designer’s tragic death on Thursday. However, no one knows what will become of the collection. Yesterday, the label sent out an urgent message to the industry asking that all McQueen samples be returned immediately. It’s also unclear what will happen to the label as a whole.

Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist wrote today:

I was talking to a retailer yesterday who said that her McQueen business was growing faster than it ever had before.

However, she sees no other option than to close the business of McQueen.

Who could take over? Should anyone takeover?

I’m sure Gucci has invested millions in this business but, this isn’t the same as finding a replacement for an old house like YSL or Kenzo.

This is different, very different.

I think the closest correlation to this would have to be Moschino. And still after all these years, no one has been able to replace him, just a design team. Do we really want this to be the fate of McQueen’s business?

I mean, come on, who could possibly keep the spirit of McQueen alive? He was so unique that his replacement could never get out of that shadow.

The Gucci Group–owned label has made no announcement about its future. Meanwhile, rumors surrounding McQueen’s death are surfacing. McQueen is said to have been recovering from a breakup with a boyfriend whose name he had tattooed on his arm. The New York Post reports:

The cad was “a bastard who went back to Australia and I was left looking at his name,” McQueen said in the unpublished interview, pointing to the letters on his right arm, according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

Yesterday, police revealed they found “multiple notes” with his body, in which he tried to explain the apparent taking of his own life to his friends. McQueen changed his will last year, and a source tells the Post, “Rather than feeling optimistic about the future, he was quite the opposite.”

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Fate of McQueen Label Uncertain As Rumors Surrounding Death Surface