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Fug Girls: Amanda Peet Takes Her Baby Bump to Jason Wu

Walking into the Jason Wu show on Friday felt distractingly like entering a spa: The lighting was soft, soothing instrumental music played over the loudspeakers, and the air smelled of perfume. For a second, we were afraid we were in for an afternoon of colonics and mud baths, but then we spied Anna Wintour through the haze, and all felt right again. It was the type of thing where we made accidental eye contact with her and then had to choke back the urge to apologize for it, but to be fair, Anna did seem to be in a pretty good mood. She even — we swear — cracked a smile during the finale walk. Perhaps she was merely trying not to sneeze from the heavy fumes.

Actresses Amanda Peet and Kerry Washington also looked like they were enjoying themselves. Sadly, we didn’t get to ogle Peet’s baby bump, on account of her winter coat and the fact that we forgot to look for it, but she chatted with Washington as if they’ve been friends for years. We covet Kerry’s blue quilted coat, which we got a good look at when we were stuck in the throng trying to leave the tiny, tight venue — during which time she appeared to be accepting some kind of pitch for a business deal. Nice multitasking. Kerry also complimented Wu’s collection, though she saved her biggest rave for the man himself: “He’s SO CUTE!” she all but shouted. She is wise.

But the happiest person there, for our money, was a little girl sitting in the front row with her mother. She enjoyed herself tremendously, to the point that Bergdorf Goodman buyer Linda Fargo — looking badass in over-the-knee boots and lacy tights — snapped a photo of them together, then crossed the aisle afterward and said, “I’m going to put that on my Facebook page!” We have no idea whether they knew each other or not, but when Linda Fargo wants to buy what you’re selling, it’s probably a sign that you’re doing something right.

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Fug Girls: Amanda Peet Takes Her Baby Bump to Jason Wu