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Fug Girls: Rachel Zoe Late for Kors; Laura Linney Keeps It Real

Michael Kors started on Wednesday morning merely twenty minutes late, which by Fashion Week standards is basically like beginning your show a week early. Most of the bold-faced names made it into their seats in time, but not Kate Lanphear and Rachel Zoe, both of whom found themselves trapped behind the security barrier as the show started. Kate, who beat Rachel by about two minutes, was rescued by PR and brought up to watch the show from the control booth (which looked sort of awesome, actually). Rachel, though, was out of luck and had to observe from a perch at the very front of standing room. Good thing she wears such tall shoes — the height probably came in handy.

Luckily, most of the other luminaries made it in safely, although the crush around Donald and Melania Trump did, at times, feel life-threatening. The Trumps seemed relieved to finally make it to their spot, right across from Anna Wintour. All we know is, we really want to be a fly on the wall for any conversation between Anna and the Donald. We might learn something.

Also in the house for the second Kors show in two seasons was Michael Douglas, whom we didn’t recognize for a moment, because he was chatting in Italian, leading us to think, “Who is that Italian silver fox who looks like Michael Douglas?” Whoops. He was once again sans Catherine Zeta Jones, who must be resting up from a late night onstage in A Little Night Music. Michael managed to entertain himself, after switching back to English, by chatting to a very tan woman about … Mallorca. Turns out Michael Douglas is VERY cosmopolitan.

But Kors has always drawn a grown-up crowd, which is refreshing after a week of grungy “It” girls. We also spotted Molly Sims — who we think was actually getting hit on by some random dude in a suit, which IS kind of grungy behavior at ten in the morning, now that we think about it — as well as Beth Ostrosky, who we suspect is getting tired of being asked about the possibility of her husband, Howard Stern, taking over American Idol. We heard her very politely tell a reporter that he should ask Howard about that, and then admit that she’s lucky, because she gets to watch AI with Howard regardless. Aw.

On the way out of the venue, we looked up at the tall strawberry blonde walking in front of us and realized it was actress Laura Linney, talking to a reporter. “So, Laura, how about those skinny models?” the reporter asked. Laura smiled and shrugged. “They’re skinny!” she chirped cheerfully. Tall AND honest. We knew we liked her for a reason.

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Fug Girls: Rachel Zoe Late for Kors; Laura Linney Keeps It Real