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Fug Girls: Celebrity Synergy at Y-3

At about 99.9 percent of Fashion Week’s shows, the media tumult surrounding the celebrities is such a free-for-all that people get crabby with each other, maybe a few elbows are thrown, and it all ends with a bunch of tall men in suits announcing that everyone needs to get off the runway because various famous people can’t breathe. But at Y-3 on Sunday night, the PR staff had it down to a sedate, organized science: Photographers made a semicircle around the tunnel through which the celebs entered the Park Avenue Armory, and each was presented separately by a staffer who told us the name, supplied the correct spelling, and then moved the person along once every lensman had gotten his or her shot. It was so civil we almost asked for tea and biscuits.

The boldest of the boldface names to arrive was Ciara, who seems to be jockeying for greater renown by kitting herself out in things that are either ugly, or paying rent on a property that borders it. Tonight, her zip-up, sporty mini wasn’t terrible, but it had a round pattern over each boob that looked suspiciously like burners on an electric stove. Those might have come in handy for whipping up a batch of the aforementioned tea, but since her dress didn’t appear to plug in anywhere, it was just kind of distracting.

Rev Run’s son Diggy Simmons was in attendance, as was Leigh Lezark — still in her tiny blue Herve Leger from earlier in the day — and her Misshapes partner Greg Krelenstein, Maggie Rizer, Coco Rocha, and blogger Tavi, who posed with fans and apparently created such a stir that security had to step in and protect her. Tavi is eerily self-possessed in front of the cameras — it’s easy to forget the kid is only 13 and has gone from zero to paparazzi fodder in what feels like three seconds, so thank God the men in suits were keeping an eye on her. In another two days she’s going to need her own Secret Service.

Actor Justin Theroux (and his date, whom we believe is stylist/costume designer Heidi Bivens) also made an appearance. Theroux is usually a very stealth attendee — one year we saw him at a Karen Walker show in a fedora and nobody recognized him — but he cocked an eyebrow and posed for the photos in good spirits, and then went and sat down next to Alison Brie. It was apt placement, as he’s guesting on Parks and Recreation, which airs right after Brie’s Community. Synergy! Maybe Y-3 was even better organized than we thought.

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Fug Girls: Celebrity Synergy at Y-3